What and Why’s of Angular.js

What is Angular.js

Today I’m going to talk about a very popular client side web application framework called Angular.js. With the initial release in 2009 this super heroic JavaScript framework is still getting developed by the Google community and offering some mind-blowing features which developers wanted for so long. Built with only JavaScript this framework offers us to implement MV* (Model-View-Whatever) in our web application development to overcome development and testability overheads.

Why Angular.js

To take total advantage of a framework, first we must know why the framework was even created in the first place. Since the client side development is getting cheaper and users are getting demanding day by day, giving the user a great experience is a matter of concern for the developers. Design and usability both play a great role nowadays. Delivering a rich client side environment only with raw JavaScript is painful and frustrating unless we use correct tools and techniques. And then Angular.js comes to rescue us. Staring from organizing your code, Angular can teach your HTML to behave dynamic and be friend with other framework such as Jquery. This ultimately makes your development process easy and fun.