How Tree Shaking Works in ASP.NET Core Angular SPA

If you've been using ES2015 modules throughout your javascript codebase; in other words: import(ing) and export(ing) modules, there is a good news for you. You can eliminate unused modules (dead code) from your published script when using different module bundlers available online. And this process of dead code elimination is known as so called Tree Shaking. While rollup (a trending module bundler) being the first to introduce the concept and implement it, other module bundlers came to realize that this is a must have feature and soon they…

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Make Your Code Modular Buddy! (Angular.js Modules)

Unlike the Hello World Program, in real life an enterprise level application gets bigger and bigger day by day as the client's requirements flown in from here and there. Managing these kind of applications are easy when some heavyweight enterprise languages like C#, Java etc. are there for you. These heavyweight languages provides some features, where a client side language like JavaScript often lakes. Features like Class and Namespace are absent in JavaScript. But since every problem has a solution, with the help of JavaScript functions we can have both…

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